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Please observe image below. Involute or cut gear has single contact point and tremendous stress is developed in contact area.This leads to grinding, wear, and can break off with the sliding contact.


Sumitomo Drive Technologies is a world-class leader in power transmission and control devices. Our top lined product, the CycloŽ Drive is actively serving industries throughout the world through its popular and unique epitrochoidal mechanism. The CycloŽ Drive has served over ten million units worldwide in a wide range of model offerings.

With the technical know-how and experience cultivated over 70 years, Sumitomo provides complete satisfaction with unrivalled product reliability, durability and economy. This is achieved through continual product R&D and state-of-the-art production facilities.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies is Quality System Certified to ISO 9001, EN 29001,BS 5750 Part 1: 1987, JIS Z9901:1991 standard for design and manufacture of mechanical speed reducers, mechanical variators, electric Motors and gearmotors in over 30 facilities located around the world.

The Sumitomo Drive Technologies’

Brand guarantees innovative, top quality products and services developed by the most advanced technologies. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, and continue of our customers, and continue to be your dependable partner in business

Exceptional Performance, Unmatched Reliability

The Sumitomo CycloŽ Drive is unsurpassed by any other in-line drive available in the market today. CycloŽ’s unique cycloid design has advantages superior to speed reducers using common involute tooth gears. Unlike gear teeth with limited contact points, the CycloŽ has two-thirds of its reduction components in contact points, the CycloŽ speed reducers and gearmotors are designed to withstand shock loads exceeding ratings of 500%, provide exceptional performance, reliability and long life in the most severe applications

Features and Benefits

Outstanding Reliability -2 Year Warranty

CycloŽ Drive speed reducers and gearmotors provide customers with a typical operating life of 20 year. We back this assurance with a two year warranty on all cycloŽ products.

Smooth Operation and Low Noise

In comparison to the sliding tooth contact of the conventional gearing, the rolling contact of the CycloŽ system provides a reduced noise level.

Durable, Robust Construction

On top of the unique mechanism and design, CycloŽ housings are made of cast iron with the exception of our three smallest size models. All rotating elements are made from Chromium Molybdenum bearing steel, which have been hardened and ground.

Selection and Variety

Reduction Ratios from 1/3 to 1/119 are available for the single stage; for triple stages we offer ratios up to 1000000:1 Superior Design, Powerful Performance


All torque transmitting parts roll, The gear tooth profile of the CycloŽ enables the load to be distributed on number of teeth, thus not susceptible to tooth breakage. Please see the image below.

And observe the contact area,hardly any stress developed.

Applications of Cyclo Geared Motors

Standard Specifications of Gearmotor Motor


Standard Specification




0.1 – 55kW*4P
15 - 55kW*6P


Totally enclosed fan cooled type(0.1kW*4P enclosed non-ventilated)


Power Source

0.1 – 3.7 kW                           220-240V                            50HZ
220V                                     60HZ
380-420V                                50HZ
5.5-55kW:                             380-420V                                50HZ
440V                                      60HZ

Thermal Class


Time Rating

                                               Continuous rating

Terminal Box Position
& Lead Wire Direction

On the left side viewed from the load side.
Regarding the draw out hole direction, refer to Table below.




       6 Wires



(Direct starting)


Note:2  5.5~55kW
(l-D starting available)

Note:2 15~55kW
(l-D starting available)


According to IEC

Common to Motor and Reducer



Ambient Conditions

Installation location

Indoor or outdoor (Minimal dust and humidity)

Ambient Temperature


Ambient Humidity

Under 85%


Under 1000 meter


Well ventilated location, free of corrosive gases, explosive gases vapors & dust.


Method of
Mounting Node: 3

CHHM Type : slow speed shaft in horizontal direction & with foot
CHFW Type: slow speed shaft in horizontal direction & with flange (not for 6000sk Series)
CVVM Type L: slow speed shaft down in vertical direction and with
*Models with “N” for the second nomenclature symbol (such as CNHM Type) may by mounted in any direction.

Method of Coupling with Driven Machine

Coupling, gears, chain sprocket or belt


Type   :Acrylic modified phtalic
Colour :Equivalent to Munsell 6.5PB 3.6/8.2