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Flexsteel is a zero backlash coupling which uses a disc pack made of stainless spring steel as a drive element, torsionally stiff, but axially and angulary flexible, to compensate shafts misalignments. Two metal hubs are connected to the discs pack by micrometric precision bushings and highly resistant screws.

FLEXSTEEL : the advantages of the system

1) Zero backlash, key factor for use on synchronous machines or for machines with frequent starts, stops and reversing or for all applications where the position control in both directions is essential to guarantee the accuracy of the operation.
2) Torsional stiffness: the design of the disc pack guarantees high torsional stiffness, key factor for applications on packaging machines, servomotors, printing presses, winders, machine tools and automations.
3) High torque density and low mass moment of inertia: possible further inertia reduction with alluminium clamping hubs available for types R, S.
4) High shaft misalignment compensation with low restoring forces (fig. 3).
5) High temperatures: Flexsteel is 100% metal made and is therefore suitable for use in difficult environments, with temperatures up to 240C, for example in applications on high temperature liquid pumps. The use over 80 must be specified in the order.
6) High speeds: Flexsteel is machinered with very close concentricity and perpendicularity manufacturing tolerances and is therefore suitable for high speed applications, even in the presence of irregular torques; in addition, the angular velocity is constant.
7) Long maintenance-free life: the disc pack produces a perfect force distribution and the close manufacturing tolerances eliminate backlash. This gives Flexsteel couplings a very long life and ensures there is almost no wear. The flexibility of the discs pack also reduces the transmission of vibrations through the drive, which safeguards it and reduces its wear. Furthermore, it is not necessary to lubricate or clean the coupling.

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