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Modular Rota-Free has been specifically designed for overload protection in heavy duty, high speed, and high inertia machines, to disconnect immediately the driven side from the motor side, which will rotate after disconnection completely free.

Modular Rota-Free is factory set to the required machine disengagement torque through the nut (9); in case of readjustment, we will supply upon request a setting torque chart and the security instructions. The disengagement torque values ranges from 640 Nm to 42400 Nm, for mounting on shaft up to 200 mm. Torque limiterís larger sizes are available upon request

How it Works

During the normal duty, the torque is transmitted from the motor side (1) to the driven side (2) by a thrust pin (3) and a tempered steel ball (3A) forced by the load of the disc springs (4) into the detent seat of the ball (5). In case of overload, when the torque demand exceeds the pre-set torque value, the resulting axial force from the detent seat (5) overcomes the pre-adjusted springs (4) load, produces an axial movement of the ball (3A), and forces the thrust pin (3) to move the control segments (6) radially outwards, up to permanently resting on the thrust pin (3) large diameter.

This condition produces the immediate disconnection of the driven side (2) from the motor side (1) which will rotate at this point completely free.

A mobile disc (10) and a mechanical emergency stop switch (11) can be mounted, upon request, on the motor side (1) of the torque limiter, to switch off the motor drive or to activate an alarm.

Modular Rota-Free will be manually re-engaged, after a realignment of the 2 index on the flanges (6 - 7), lightly taping each thrust pin (3) with a soft mallet, up to bring back the ball (3A) in the detent seat (5).

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